Topics of Interest

Trinity focuses on a number of Science and Engineering tracks which we face all over the world nowadays. The most interesting track is that of MicroSystems, applying the updated concepts of Software Engineering and implementing the system in a right way. There are many topics inside our community, starting from software application, mobile application and embedded systems development to what we call the smart-client systems. Our aim is to integrate some of small applications inside one complete system. An entire system able to manage the large enterprise. Full of control beginning with the first-line executives to the highest level inside the enterprise The way to peruse on the most accurate data and to ensure the best performance inside the enterprise.

Research Category

We focus on two major categories inside our community, which are the most required tracks in the global market. The first is concerning with Engineering, specifically Communication and Mechatronics fields. The second for those interesting with Computer Science fields, programming and development. The main track goes toward the Artifical Intelligence field which is the most powerful field that controls our life. We mix these two tracks to invent that thing of the future which is called the Robot.

Step into the Future

In the next five years, we planned to be on the first 50 top IT companies in Software Applications and Research in the Middle East. When you hear ‘Trinity Engineering and Technology’, the first impression that you always must take it is ” We are a part of the Globalization”.Through the new technologies that we have or that we seek to have it by our research team,we made a small netwrok in Egypt and Europe, and soon we will cover all the world. past we did, present we do,future is different through Trinity.

New Technology

Technologies appears because we need it, it doesn’t come from gap. as we usual say “The Need is the mother of Invention”. In Trinity we belive that The Invention is generate the NEED, so our research department help Inventors to be Creative,to help them think well, to build the new Technology. Inside Trinity, we use the most updated tools and methods in order to release the most accurate applications that is compatible with the rate of technology growing. The more you can learn and use our solutions the much better you will see your business life.

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