Industrial automation systems

We have one of the world's leading industrial automation systems. It includes a range of industrial automation products
designed to accommodate a large variety of tasks. Flexible and cost-effective, the system is ideally suited to manage the
ever-growing demands the manufacturing and process industry requires of today’s machines and systems.

Data Collection

Industrial Data Solutions can design, build, program, and install a complete data collection system for a single machine
or for an entire plant. We can interface to any machine, with or without an existing PC or PLC.
All critical data is collected and stored, allowing for custom reports to be generated through the interface
screens. Report generation is also necessary for monitoring your operation, and Industrial Data Solutions can
also provide you with automated programs to generate reports for the critical information in your process. These reports
can then be viewed via the internet or printed for personal viewing.

Data Monitoring

Data monitoring is a business practice in which critical business data is routinely checked against quality control
rules to make sure it is always of high quality and meets previously established standards for formatting and consistency.

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