IT Infrastructure

Mail Server

The Mail Server packages allow your business to set up a secure, reliable, and private mail server while giving your
employees a modern mail client for receiving and sending messages. Best of all, Mail Server run on your
NAS, so there's no need to rely on third-party services.


A virtual private network (VPN) is a technology that creates an encrypted connection
over a less secure network. The benefit of using a secure VPN is it ensures the
appropriate level of security to the connected systems when the underlying network
infrastructure alone cannot provide it.

Cloud Solution

Cloud Station synchronizes data across all your devices, such as computers, mobile devices, or other Synology NAS. As soon as you
add a new file or save a change, it will be automatically updated on the other devices, allowing you to move between home and work,
desktop and mobile, all while seamlessly working on the same file. Build a private cloud and ensure files are readily available when and
where you need them.


Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a client/server protocol that automatically provides an Internet Protocol (IP) host
with its IP address and other related configuration information such as the subnet mask and default gateway. RFCs 2131 and 2132 define
DHCP as an Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standard based on Bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP), a protocol with which DHCP shares
many implementation details. DHCP allows hosts to obtain necessary TCP/IP configuration information from a DHCP server.

HA (High Avaialability)

In information technology, high availability refers to a system or component that is
continuously operational for a desirably long length of time. Availability can be measured
relative to "100% operational" or "never failing." A widely-held but difficult-to-achieve
standard of availability for a system or product is known as "five 9s" (99.999 percent)

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