Video Server

video servers are tough and they perform reliably even under extreme temperatures in harsh environments. Use
video servers as a part of your remote monitoring solution for a reliable network surveillance
system. video servers are capable of mainstream compression algorithms, and allow for easy integration
of cameras into IP surveillance solutions.

Access Control

IP Access Control Systems work together with IP Video Surveillance Systems to deliver complete physical security
solutions that work with your existing data infrastructure. These systems are highly scalable, easy to deploy and
manage across multiple locations, and provide you with the granular control that is necessary to secure even the
most sensitive areas.
IP Access Control Systems give you enterprise - wide visibality with unlimited growth potential.

Video Analytic

When it comes to video analytics (or video content analysis), experience is the real differentiator. Video analytics
require field-proven, expert deployment. Only then will your expectations match the results the technology can provide.
Using this approach, we are able to commit to the results you’ll achieve from our state-of-the-art video analytics solutions.
Qognify’s video analytics solutions are part of its video management solution, the leading IP video surveillance software, and
support both analog and IP cameras.

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