UPS and EPS Solution


we are a partener with CyberPower that designs and manufactures a complete line of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems
to meet the full spectrum of power protection needs from enterprise applications to home office
and entertainment systems. CyberPower’s Smart App Series is designed for mission critical
enterprise, corporate, departmental networks/servers and home office environments. The Smart App Online
Series is for mission-critical enterprise applications requiring maximum power protection; particularly
corporate data centers, departmental servers, telecommunication installations, and surveillance and security systems.


Emergency Power System (EPS) utilize state-of-art Microcontroller technology
for the supply of lighting, generator, heater, refrigerator, motor, and other apparatus to provide
resources during crisis or failure of regular systems.

Solar Energy

We want everything to go right on every solar energy installation. That’s why we offer the best solar energy solutions.

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